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Laugh in the face of Danger


Paranoid Schizophrenic?
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3am phone calls, a beautiful mind, accents of all types, activism, alcohol, amnesty international, animal rights, art, at the drive-in, attention, authoring random illustrated stories, bare feet, being a geek, belting songs while angry, billy corgan's shaved head, bjork, books, britain, buddhism, cafés, candy, cheesecake, chuck palahniuk, city and colour, coheed and cambria, cosmo, cuddling, dallas green, dirty little monkey boys, dorks, drunkenness, e.e cummings, edward norton, empire records, equality, europe, eye opening experiences, fake confidence, fight club, financial math, fingers, fiona apple, foods, free speech, freedom of choice, friends, gay rights, geeks, giggling fits, glasses, hands, hats, hockey, honesty, horror movies, hotdog carts, hugs & kisses, iced tea, ikea, incubus, is it any wonder?, kinnie starr, kraft dinner for dinner, late night phone calls, laughing till it hurts, lifehouse, lipgloss, lisa loeb, literature, live shows, love, loving my friends, loyalty, lurking, lust, make up, maraschino cherries, matthew good, meditation, men, mixtapes, money, movies, music, mythology, navigating with hotdog carts, neverending white lights, not being in debt, notebooks, novels disguised as e-mails, on bullshit, one cent candies, pantouf the slipper puppet, philosophy, photography, pictures, pink floyd, plato, post-its, pro-choice anti-abortion, puppies, quentin tarantino, radiohead, rain, raspy voices, requiem for a dream, sarcasm, searching for more, sex, shopping, sincerity, sixteen candles, sleeping, sleepovers, smiles, snuggles, space, star wars, stolen pride, sunday nights @ joe, sunshine, supernatural, talking, tattoo sleeves, ten dollar purses, the beatles, the clash, the cure, the fox and firkin, the killers, the mars volta, the postal service, the smashing pumpkins, the spill canvas, the streets, the weakerthans, the yeah yeah yeah's, thrift stores, thursday, time, tipping hats, various shades of pink, vegetarianism, victoria's secret, warm sweaters, weezer, women's rights, writing, █♥█